Principal's Message

August 2020
Dear Students and Families,
Welcome to the 2020-2021 school year! For members of the Class of 2024, I officially welcome you to the BHS community as you begin your high school adventure. To our seniors, Class of 2021, you have made it! Right now, I know that some things may not be like they have been in the past, but I plan to work with our student leaders and BHS staff to provide as many traditions and memories possible for you during your senior year. This school year will prove to be one in which we experience much uncertainty, but we will exercise great flexibility, understanding, and creativity to see that it is exciting and memorable. Communication will be instrumental in keeping you aware of changing dates, activities, events, and much more. This past Spring, I utilized numerous digital platforms to provide you daily updates. These included morning announcements, messages on Twitter, FCPS Find Out First, and other platforms. This will continue this school year. It is vital that you remember to check our website, read the Find Out First emails and follow our Twitter accounts for up to date information. Many of our staff and clubs utilize Twitter as a form of instant communication. If you do not have an account or prefer not to create one, you can view my tweets directly from the left panel of our school webpage. You may also choose to follow me @MichaelDillman. In the coming week, you will receive a survey related to technology needs. Please watch for the Find Out First message and complete the survey. Additionally, I will release a back to school message link through our digital platforms. Our school webpage update is in progress and contact information for staff, along with other forms are available on the site. Student schedules will be released in the next few weeks. Parents are encouraged to become familiar with Schoology as this resource will contain much information about student progress. Staff is working tirelessly to update your files, respond to Board of Education decisions that impact our day, and to respond to your needs. BHS teachers will soon report for work and will communicate with you about each of their classes. On the reverse of this letter you will find useful information to assist you as our year begins. There will be some challenges as we start the year. Please contact your teachers and any member of our administrative or counseling staff when questions, concerns, or needs arise. We will do the best that we can to find some resolution. As I mentioned earlier, we all will require great flexibility and understanding during the year. I have confidence in all of you! I continue to look forward to the time when we see each other again in person. Please reach out if you have any questions.
Mr. Michael W. Dillman Principal