Career Research & Development 1 (Previously: Personal Finance and Career Success)

Career Research & Development 1

Students will

  • Acquire and apply self-knowledge in order to develop personal, learning and career goals.
  • Use the Maryland Career Clusters and pathways in order to understand the relationship to educational achievement and life-long learning
  • Assess Career Cluster choices and related pathways in order to develop academic and career plans that include global opportunities.
  • Identify various financial factors that affect income, expenses, savings and investment options as part of the career decision making process.

10% - Work Habits – desktop area clean, computer station as new, No gum, candy, food or liquids by computer stations

35% - Daily Work
20% - Quizzes, Warm-ups, Current Events
30% - Tests/projects
10% - Portfolio

 Tutoring and make-up work may be done in Room 106 on Tuesdays from 2:30 to 3:30 p.m.  

Grades are averaged together to determine the final grade.
A -  90-100              
B - 80-89.99 
C - 70-79.99   
D - 60-69.99 
F -  0-59.99

Term 1 and Term 2 grades are each 50% of the final grade.

Required materials:
3-ring binder with 12 index tabs
pen and pencil

When there is on opportunity to use Web2.0 tools, students will need an account. Online access will be important to assess the most current information about the accounting profession. Possible Web2.0 tools: Google docs, wikispaces, edmodo, and animoto.

Teacher:              Sandi Bonesteel

Phone:                 240-236-8566