Starting October 17, 2017 - Ending May 31, 2018

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GW Pre-College 2018:  The George Washington University 2018 Summer Programs for high school students.  Go to for more details and to register.

Terp Young Scholars:  July 8-27, 2018.  College courses, college credits.  In Terp Young Scholars, students experience rigorous college courses, earn three college credits and appreciate the rich diversity of campus life at UMD.  Acceptance to this 3-week summer collegiate program is competitive, and based upon academic performance.  For more information and to apply go to


FCC Study Skills & Test Prep Classes:  Get ready for success this spring with personalized attention and guidance from experienced instructors.  Go to for more information and to register.


Maryland Boys State:  If you are interested in Government, Politics, Leadership, attendance at Military Academy, College ROTC, or just a challenging Academic program this is the experience for you.  MD Boys State is a week long practical exercise in Government taht will have a positive influence on your life.  Application deadline is April 15, 2018  Click here for more information about applying or go directly to to complete the application.

American Legion Auxiliary Maryland Girls State:  June 17-22, 2018 * Salisbury University * Salisbury, Maryland 21801.  ALA GIRLS STATE is a residential training program for high school girls, which is operated in all 50 states. The objective is to provide "hands on" training in the management of a democratic government at city, county and state levels. Topics such as the structure of the various levels of government, simulated legislation, twoparty politics and the duties of various government offices will be covered. The legislative program includes sessions with lobbyists. Speakers who hold offices at various levels of government throughout the state will address the group to explain their jobs and answer questions. The citizens will campaign for various offices and learn to vote electronically as part of the experience. They will also receive a preview of college life and meet peers from across the state. A Senior and Junior Senator will be elected to represent Maryland at Girls Nation where a similar program is conducted at the national level. ELIGIBLE young women must have completed their junior year of high school in the upper third of their class and must be a United States citizen or non-citizen attending school and residing in Maryland. Applicant does not have to be a junior member of the American Legion Auxiliary, but a junior member who does not live in Maryland may attend. RECRUITING is carried out with the help of school officials. In some schools an Awards Committee or Guidance Office may prescreen the candidates. However, the final decision is up to the sponsoring American Legion Auxiliary Unit. Former Girls State citizens in the senior class will be useful in identifying likely candidates and "talking up" the program. A handout to briefly explain the program has been prepared for all prospects. It may also be helpful, to hold a recruiting meeting with the Unit representative, former Girls Sate citizens and prospective candidates. SELECTION is based on interest in government and the qualities of Leadership, Character, Honesty, Scholarship and Cooperativeness. While the girls selected should have strong academic credentials, an interest in government and politics and an aptitude for leadership are of great importance. FEE: Selection for the Girl State program is equivalent to a scholarship of $290, which is borne by the sponsoring Unit. This includes tuition, books, room and board. A $45 registration fee is to be paid by each young lady selected to attend Girls State; check to be made payable to the sponsoring Unit.Click here for applicationApplication deadline is March 10, 2018.

At Duke Summer College and Academy, we believe in a simple formula. By combining rigorous academics with an incredibly fun residential program, we can create life-changing experiences. This past summer, we put this to the test and discovered that it is overwhelmingly true.

It's time for FCPS high school juniors and seniors to apply for the Johns Hopkins University (JHU) Engineering Innovation (EI) summer program, offered at Hood College this year.

EI will enable students to participate in a renowned college-level program that offers the potential to earn 3 college credits while exploring cutting-edge educational and career options. Students will also earn 1 FCPS elective credit.

The course will be offered from June 25 through July 20, Mondays-Fridays, 9-3. There will be no class on Wednesday, July 4.

Prerequisites are Algebra II, some trigonometry, a lab science (chemistry, biology, and/or physics) and experience with a spreadsheet application.

Application Fee: $75

Tuition: $2700 (Financial assistance is available! Apply early for Financial Aid.)

Applications are online at:

See the poster:

See the flyer: