Student Service Learning

Student Service Learning is a one credit course offered in both fall and spring to students who want to be a peer tutor in a classroom.

Click the links below to access the following files. Then print them out, complete them and return to Mr. Beavan by the deadlines.

Student Service Learning Agreement  bhs/sites/bhs/files/Beavan/Agreement SSL%20site.doc

August Time Calendar 

September Time Calendar 

September Reflection  bhs/sites/bhs/files/Beavan/1%20First%20Reflection%20Sept%202014.doc

October Time Calendar

October Reflection  bhs/sites/bhs/files/Beavan/2%20Second%20Reflection%20Oct%202014.doc

November Time Calendar

November Reflection    bhs/sites/bhs/files/Beavan/3%20Third%20Reflection%20Nov%202014.doc

December Time Calendar

December Reflection    bhs/sites/bhs/files/Beavan/4%20Fourth%20Reflection%20Dec%202014.doc

January term 2 Time Calendar

January 2015 Reflection   bhs/sites/bhs/files/Beavan/5%20Fifth%20Reflection%20Jan%202015.doc

January Term 3 Time Calendar

February Time Calendar 

February Reflection  

March Time calendar     

March Reflection   

April Time Calendar     

April Reflection    

May Time calendar

May Reflection