Electronic Device Policy


BHS requires student devices to be off between 7:20-2:15 unless they are being used for instructional purposes.  Students may use their devices during lunch time, not during class changes.  Individual teachers may ask students to “park” their devices when they are not in use.  Students using their devices must use the FCPS Wi-Fi guest network only, not 3G or 4G.  First time offenders will be able to retrieve their devices from the office at the end of the day.  Thereafter, parents/guardians will need to come to the office during school hours to retrieve the devices. As always, if there is an urgent matter, students may use the main office phone to call a parent.  Parents can call the office to deliver a message to their children.  Please remember that nothing online is anonymous and all activity is public and permanent.

The following information is from FCPS Regulation 400-18:

A.   Definition

Portable electronic communication devices (hereafter referred to as electronic devices) are devices that emit an audible signal, vibrate, display a message or visual or otherwise summons or deliver a communication on behalf of the possessor.

B.    Student Possession/Use

  1. Student possession and use of electronic devices on school property and at school-sponsored events on and off campus is a privilege, not a right.

  2. Middle school and high school students may use devices to participate in teacher-approved activities and for educational reasons in support of Frederick County Public Schools (FCPS) curriculum for instructional purposes, such as keeping track of classroom assignments, research and other related class activities.

  3. Middle school and high school student possession or use of electronic devices during the school day may be permitted if the student and parent/legal guardian accept the terms outlined on the “Device Permission Form” provided by the school and attached as Exhibit A. School system staff reserves the right to revoke privileges associated with this use under any of the following conditions:

    1. Disrupts the learning environment or approved school activity.

    2. Poses a threat to academic integrity.

    3. Violates confidentiality or privacy rights of others during the school day as well as during after-school activities or the safe transportation of students.

    4. Electronic devices with camera and recording functions may not be used to take or transfer any image or recording at any time on school premises without teacher permission.

    5. Creates safety concerns.

    6. Violates criminal laws.

    7. Classroom use without teacher permission.

C.    Theft/Damage Disclaimer

FCPS and BHS is not responsible for theft or damage to the electronic device. Students are encouraged to record a device’s serial number to have available in case of theft, which is a helpful tool when reporting the information to law enforcement.

D.   Students found to be in violation of this regulation are subject to disciplinary action in accordance with FCPS Regulation 400-8 and acceptable use of digital networks and online resources in accordance with FCPS Regulation 400-73.

E.  A school administrator reserves the right to take temporary possession of an electronic device during a student   discipline investigation to ensure the integrity of the fact-finding process.