Microsoft Office Certification I: Word and Excel


Microsoft Office Certification I: Word and Excel

 Students will

  • Use word processing software when working with text, paragraphs, documents, files, and tables to produce, edit, and customize multipage documents.
  • Design, create, produce, and use spreadsheets for forecasting purposes.
  • Display, organize, sort and analyze information using spreadsheets when working with cells, files, worksheets, workbooks, formula and functions, charts and objects.
  • Apply the appropriate software when creating financial and business documents.
  • Integrate with other applications to formulate, enter, and manipulate data.
  • Use technology strategically to enhance productivity and creativity to managefinancial information using a variety of technology tools.

10% - Work Habits: desktop clear, paper & books put away, computer logged off, no gum, candy, drinks,  food in computer lab

35% - Daily Work
15% - Quizzes and Warmups
30% - Tests/Projects
10% - Portfolio

Tutoring and make-up work may be done in Room 106 on Tuesdays from 2:30 to 3:30 p.m. When missing work needs to be completed, attendance will be required the week immediately following an absence.

Term grades are averaged together to determine the final grade.
A -
B - 80-89.99 
C - 70-79.99         
D - 60-69.99         
F -  0-59.99           

Required materials
pen or pencil

When there is on opportunity to use Web2.0 tools, students will need an account. Online access will be important to assess the most current information about the accounting profession. Possible Web2.0 tools: Google docs, wikispaces, edmodo, and animoto.

Teacher:          Sandi Bonesteel
Phone:             240-236-8566