Dress Code

Appropriate student attire is very important in helping to maintain a school climate which fosters academic excellence.  Not all clothing is suitable for school.  School attire should be comfortable and not be disruptive or distracting to the learning environment.


  • Bare midriffs, low cut necklines that reveal cleavage and bare backs are prohibited. Garments must be of appropriate length to cover the midriff while standing, sitting and/or bending. Racer-back and see-through garments are not permitted.  Shoulder straps need to be 1 inch wide.

  • The length of any garment, regardless of what it is called, must be sufficient to cover all undergarments and private areas, including any part of the buttocks and upper thighs, when standing, sitting, walking, climbing stairs, moving, or doing normal school activities. The general measure of accepted length is fingertip when standing with arms at the sides.

  • Revealing slits, holes, and cuts are also prohibited.  Leggings and tights may not substitute as pants unless the shirt or top extends to mid-thigh (fingertip length).

  • Pajamas and underwear worn as outerwear are not permitted.

  • Shoes must be worn at all times. Bedroom slippers are not allowed.

  • No headgear of any kind is permitted inside of the building. This includes, but is not limited to, hats, caps, bandanas, sweatbands, hoods, berets and tams.

  • Decorations and/or designs, symbols, mottos, words or acronyms that convey offensive, vulgar, profane, violent, gang-affiliated, sexually explicit, or sexually suggestive messages are prohibited on any item or as part of any attire.  Symbols, mottos, words or acronyms advertising or promoting tobacco, alcohol, or illegal drugs or drug paraphernalia are not permitted.  Symbols, mottoes, words or acronyms that profess violence or hatred toward fellow man are prohibited.

  • Clothing must not block vision or restrict movement, obscure or mask a student’s identity, or cause excessive wear or damage to school property.


In the event that a student is not following the dress code, the administrator/staff member should address the student in private to come up with a solution using the following guidelines:

  • Give the student the option of changing articles and removing accessories that do not conform to the dress code.

  • Allow the student to get another clothing item from his/her locker and change.

  • Refer the student to the administrator’s office to find another clothing item that can be substituted for inappropriate apparel.