About BHS

101 Cummings Drive
Brunswick, MD 21716

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Phone: 240-236-8600
Fax: 240-236-8601

Brunswick High has served the greater Brunswick community for more than a century. Our current building opened its doors in 1965. The school is located in a rural area of the county among farms and rolling foothills just outside Brunswick. BHS is a comprehensive high school with 4-classes/semester, allowing students to earn 8 credits each school year. A wonderful sense of community and feelings of pride and loyalty is evident at BHS.

At BHS, we believe that each student is unique and valuable and all can learn and achieve mastery regardless of previous academic performance. It is our responsibility to establish and maintain an environment that respects individual learning styles, capitalizes on each student's natural curiosity and nurtures the desire to learn.

Our mission at Brunswick High School is to demonstrate excellence in all we do. BHS features multiple opportunities for students to excel both in the classroom and through extracurricular experiences. From our  Advanced Placement courses to smaller learning communities such as the Child Development program and preschool to our comprehensive auto mechanics program, which prepares students for Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) certification, BHS graduates are college and career ready.  The Brunswick Express Learning Lab (BELL) offers after-school tutoring in reading, math and other academics and elective courses on Tuesdays and Wednesdays with transportation provided. The school demonstrates a strong commitment to student activities such as clubs, music, drama and athletics that address varied interests and abilities. BHS athletic teams have won numerous county, league and state championships, which is unique considering we are the smallest high school in the county. This year we introduced Blended Learning to our Freshman class. Each of our students in 9th grade have access to a chromebook for courses assignemts and web-based activities. It is our goal to put a chromebook in the hand of every Railroader!