Parking at BES

 Parking at Brunswick Elementary

Daily Parking Procedures

When visiting BES during the school day, parents and community members have two parking options.  The first option is the parking lot on the side of the building and that is our designated “Parent Parking Lot.”  This is the side of the building with the canopy.  The second option is to park in the Eagles Lot until 5:00 pm.  The Eagles Lot is also where our staff members park so parking is limited in this lot. Please be sure not to park in the spots designated for the Eagles staff.   If your student is a Car Rider at dismissal, we ask that parents and guardians park their car in the Parent Lot, exit the car and walk to the canopied area.  Staff members will release students from the building once you have been identified.

Special Event Parking, Evenings only

When visiting BES after school hours for a special event after 5:00 pm, parents may park in the Parent Parking lot on the side of the building and also the primary playground behind BES.  We ask that if are parking on the primary playground that you leave a clear path for cars to easily enter and exit.  We will be sure to mark this area clearly for evening special events.  We are asking that you not park in the Eagles parking lot for evening events.