Behaviors & Consequences

Types of Behaviors, Levels, and Consequences
Brunswick PBIS Chart

Even though PBIS focuses on positive behaviors and rewarding those behaviors, we still use a framework to identify negative choices students make and how to address them. This allows all staff to deal with the same behaviors in the same way, keeping consistency throughout the school. The same school-wide On Track chart is used to hold students accountable for negative behaviors and to implement consistent and fair consequences. A verbal reminder will always be given for minor behaviors. Students will then be asked in a private conversation to move down the track to "Warning" (Yellow), "Time Out" (Orange), "Letter Home" (Purple), or "Support (Red) for a pattern of negative behaviors. Students are always encouraged to improve behavior in order to move back up the track.   

Sometimes children require further support as they learn to become self-disciplined.  If a student demonstrates a major behavior, an incident documentation or referral will be completed by the staff member who witnessed the inappropriate action and administration or student support will step in.  By being a School-Wide PBIS school, the unity among staff members creates an environment of expectations for students no matter where they are or what teacher they are interacting with.