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           Donors Choose

The BES Library is registered with, a charity website where community members can help fund our library's and school's *dream* projects. Please visit for more information or to sponsor a project (click on "Project Requests").
                         We Give Books
 is a free digital library that lets visitors read children's books online anytime, anywhere. For each book read, We Give Books will donate a book to a child in need.

It's Easy!
1. Visit the website and log in:
          -- use our school's logon (BESlibrary) and password (besbes)
          -- OR register for your own with a parent -- you must be 13 years of age
2. Read a book from the digital archives.
3. When you finish, confirm your reading.

  Reddit Gifts for the Teachers is a gift exchange program for teachers with classrooms in need. Join today to help teachers get the supplies they need to make their classrooms awesome and change the lives of children all around the world. There is no minimum or maximum value suggested spending amount; the organization just asks that you send something thoughtful that will help a teacher in their classroom.

It's Easy!
1. Visit the website and sign up for an account. Choose "I want to send a care package".
2. The site will let you know who to send your care package to.
3. Buy and ship your gift.
4. Go back on the site and let them know the package has been shipped.
5. Wait for your teacher to receive their goodies. They will send you thank you notes.
* If you would like to sign up for more than one teacher, please sign up for "rematching".