Winter News in 3rd Grade

3rd Grade’s Winter Express…
We have many exciting activities going on in the 3rd grade during January and February. During the months of January and  February we will be working on writing opinion pieces, word study skills and BCR (Brief Constructed Response) writings. Ask your students what APE means! It doesn’t mean to go crazy!! We are also working on our good reader and test preparation skills!
We will be strengthening our fluency and comprehension skills daily, but also on our Fluency Fridays! Help your child by having them read to you out loud. Then, ask them questions about what they have read to you to ensure their understanding.
Please continue independent reading time at home! We are currently collecting reading minutes in the agenda each week to earn a special prize from Pizza Hut! We want to stress the importance of reading at least 5-10 minutes a night in addition to homework. You can find many creative ways of reading. Some of these ways include:
Reading grocery lists
Reading articles from the paper
Playing a memory game with what they have just read
Reading the backs of cereal boxes
Have your child read recipes
Don’t forget- the planner is a useful tool for communication between parents and teachers. Be sure to check your child’s planner every day. Of course, we always encourage you to write or call with comments or concerns as well. 
Hope everyone had a wonderful holiday!
The Third Grade Team