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March 28th-April 1st

Hello Everyone!  We just finished our study of fairy tales.  Your child should be able to tell you some characteristics of fairy tales, such as:  good guys, bad guys, good vs. evil, things in 3's, magic, "once upon a time", "happily ever after", etc.  We are now reviewing vowel sounds and patterns because I noticed that when kids come to words they don't know, they are not using the decoding skills we worked on previously.  My hope is that if we review this, it will come back to them. 

Week of March 14th

Hello Everyone!  We continue to have a crazy week with our schedule as the "big kids' are still working on the MSA's.  This means we have specials in the morning along with math and writer's workshop and reading, centers and science in the afternoon.  Our schedule will be back to normal beginning on Wednesday.

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