About BES

Brunswick Elementary School


In the city of Brunswick, BRUNSWICK ELEMENTARY is in the southwestern corner of Frederick County, Maryland. The school boasts beautiful mountain views stretching into neighboring Virginia and West Virginia.

A strong sense of community and school pride have long been a part of the BES tradition. We provide parent workshops, training and informational nights throughout the school year and participate in numerous community events. Our Parent Teacher Organization (PTO) also plays a big part in the school community, providing family activities and events, and supporting school improvement efforts.

Our shared vision articulates our commitment to academic excellence: We believe that all students can learn. We recognize the importance of developing a community of learners: parents, students and staff who are committed, supportive and involved in the education of every child at Brunswick Elementary. The following principles will guide our efforts: Students, staff, parents, and community will . . . "be respectful and responsible, ensure success for all, support each other."

BES staff members are committed to providing the rigor and challenge to tap into the potential we know exists in each and every boy and girl. We tailor our academic program to meet individual needs by offering Reading Recovery, a variety of reading and math interventions, all-day kindergarten and extended learning opportunities.

Software resources enrich and support everyday instruction. BES has 125 Internet-connected computers, mini-labs for primary grade students, a 26-computer lab used by third-fifth graders, and a 20-computer research lab in the media center. Additionally, each classroom has a data projector and document camera and a laptop computer for the teacher to access curricular information.

With excitement and passion for teaching and learning, we expect continued progress and success from all our students. This expectation has become the culture of our school: "Brunswick Elementary: On the Track to Excellence!"