Welcome to Brunswick Physical Education!

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What is Physical Education Class all about?

Physical Education class has changed greatly form the old "gym class" that many parents and others had.  Physical Education is a comprehensive class in which we cover physical skills (such as throwing, catching, kicking, and rolling), cognitive concepts (suchs as the FITT Principle and Newton's Laws), and affective concepts (suchs as teamwork and sportsmanship).  These concepts are taught directly and through fun games and activities. Physical Education class occurs two times per week for 40-45 minutes.  There are many, many benefits from being physically active.  Students benefit from it daily in school, after school and at home.  Students will find themselves having more energy, being more attentive, and overall a happier person.  The American Heart Association recommends that everyone, young and old, get 60 minutes of exercise on a daily basis.

Check out this site to see more reasons why you should exercise:


Does that mean I have to exercise for one hour in a row?

No, not at all.  Those sixty minutes can be split up throughout the day.  Take a walk with the dog in the morning, play at recess and then go to sports practice or play with your friends at night.  There are many things you can do to be physically active.  Lots of people think running is the only way to get healthy- it is a great exercise, but only one of many.  We will explore the many ways during class that was can become and stay healthy.

So what do we do in class?

The Mile Club!  This has grown in popularity over the last two years.  Every calss heads out to their mile club loop and will run, jog, or walk for the same amoutn of time.  Each time they complete a lap they receive a colorful stick from their teacher to carry while they run.  When the time is up and the whistle blows, they remember where on the loop they finished.  This ditance (anywhere from 1.0 to 6.7 laps or more) is recorded.  We track student progress and show them how their distances are increasing as their cardio improves.  Students are encouraged to run, jog, or walk a lap or more each day at recess.   

After our warm-up we are ready for an activity.  We will participate in a unit that covers on of the 5 National Standards from skill based activities, such as striking with an implement or catching an overhand toss to fitness and nutrition concepts such as components of fitness and calories in/calories out.

During our activities we will take time to talk about what is happening to our bodies and why it is happening.  We learn new words like pacing and heart rate and learn how to measure our heart rate and determine what it means about our health and fitness.

We are excited to share our knowledge of physical education with all of our students at Brunswick Elementary.  Together we will help build a healthy and active school and community!