Principal's Message

Ballenger Creek Middle School
Principal: Jeneen Stewart
Assistant Principals: Max Fletcher and Tricia Brdecka
Counselors: Rebecca Pierson (6th), David Ledyard (7th), Emily Carey (8th)
Front Office Secretaries: Kimberly Magaha and Nancy Suray
Registrar: Lotoya Gee


BCMS Mission: BCMS will develop well-rounded students who are global-minded, respectful and life-long learners as a result of the opportunities provided while attending middle school in our rigorous, supportive and structured student centered learning environment.

Respect Relevance Rigor Relationships

BCMS Vision: BCMS staff will establish positive relationships with each student modeling respectful interactions in order to provide relevant and rigorous instruction in a supportive and structured learning environment.

PBIS Core Values:
BCMS Bulldogs L.E.A.D (Leadership, Empathy, Achievement & Determination)

L Leadership
  • Demonstrate courage
  • Explore positive solutions
  • Reflect on choices
E Empathy
  • Seek understanding
  • Actively listen
  • Honor differences
A Achievement
  • Promote a growth mindset
  • Celebrate creativity
  • Take owenership
D Determination
  • Show committment
  • Stay focused
  • Embrace challenges

The Middle School Environment

In middle school, students become part of a team. Even though your child will have a different teacher for each subject, the teachers belong to an interdisciplinary team. These dedicated professionals help your child master content and become independent learners. Our vision focuses on collaboratively working to support all of our adolescent learners academically, socially, and emotionally as they prepare to be productive citizens in the 21st century.

To successfully prepare for the future and navigate through the middle school years, students will need the following skills:

• Complex problem solving
• Critical thinking
• Creativity
• People management
• Coordinating with others
• Emotional intelligence
• Active listening
• Service orientation
• Negotiation
• Cognitive flexibility

Students should also need to strengthen the following character traits:

• Responsibility
• Contemplation
• Initiative
• Perseverance
• Optimism
• Courage
• Respect
• Compassion
• Adaptability
• Honesty
• Trustworthiness
• Loyalty

BCMS Supports

BCMS Leadership Team for 2017-2018

Math: Heather Wurster, Math Specialist and Math Department Chair

Language Arts: Katie Zimmerman, Literacy Specialist and Department Chair

Social Studies: Michele Evans, Social Studies Department Chair

Science: Christine Brown, Science Department Chair and Advanced Academic Specialist

Electives Department Chair: Michael Brown, VanGuard Teacher

Special Education: Hannah Rouzee, Special Education Department Chair

Counseling: Emily Carey, 11 month Counselor

Media Center: Debra Bauleke, Media Specialist

Community Liaison: Micheline Schubert. She can serve as a translator for any of our Spanish speaking and has a wide range of information about services available in our community.


Here at BCMS, we recognize high academic achievement would not be possible without appropriate supports available to our students and their families. These supports are designed to help students plan and monitor their progress and daily assignments. Please access the following supports throughout the school year:

Parent Conferences/ Student Led Conferences:

Parents can meet with teachers anytime they choose. To schedule a conference with an individual teacher, just call or e-mail the specific teacher to work out a suitable meeting time. To schedule a conference with a team of teachers, call your child’s counselor and schedule a date and time. FCPS provides a two-day opportunity for all elementary and middle schools to have parent-teacher conferences in November.

BCMS also believes students should learn to advocate for themselves and be an integral part of their personal development. We have a process known as “student–led “conferences. We have had students inviolved in meetings with their teachers when they need support Students play an important role in the meeting by reflecting and identify action steps to improve.


FCPS has an extended learning time included in all middle school days. We have named this time "BEST" (Bulldog Enrichment Structured Tutoring). Students, teachers, or parents can request tutoring for a student in skills that have been identified as weaknesses for that student. During this extended learning time, students will have re-teaching and extension opportunities. Please encourage your child to take advantage of this time as often as needed. They need to be added to a tutor list to get extra help. Encourage them to check their grades regularly and sign up for support whenever they are in need of further clarity about any content.

BCMS Website:

The BCMS website is a valuable information site dedicated to all things Bulldogs. On this site you can find out about upcoming events, programs, visit staff websites, review school assessment dates and results, and access school lunch information along with a myriad of other interesting and useful items. While on the website, be sure to register for Find Out First. This will enable you to receive automatic announcements and updates from BCMS relevant to you child and the community at large. You can find the website at
BCMS Facebook: Ballenger Creek Middle School

BCMS Twitter: @BCMS_Bulldogs

Grades Online: Home Access Center

Your student should have brought home a letter with sign up information for the new Home Access Center ( which enables parents to check grades for every class. If you need another letter, please contact the counseling office.

Positive Behavior Intervention and Supports

We believe it is important to recognize our students for their progess. We will celebrat their acadmic, attendance and behavior success at various points during the year. We will recognize students for consisting demonstarting "LEAD" core values described above in many ways. We will employ a token system using "Bulldog Bucks" that can be exchanged at our school store at lunch on Friday's or during regularly scheduled events for small fun items and supplies. We also have four school-wide events that will be referral free. We will have positive postcards sent by teachers to parents throughout the year and have students of the month selected at each grade level. Aside from the PBIS approach, BCMS also follows the progressive discipline policy as laid out in the FCPS guidelines when necessary to address behavioral concerns and safety issues.

Blended Learning: At BCMS, we are working hard to integrate blended learning opportunities into classrooms across content areas. Mike Brown, an FCPS Vanguard teacher for BCMS, is excited to incorporate blended learning into sixth-grade Lab 21, and the seventh-grade, Investigation & Innovation and FLEX classes.

We believe it takes a village to support our students and welcome parent volunteers and will solicit your feedback consistently throughout the year. Parents, I hope you will join me for our community events, parent coffees or during other activities. My goal is to continue to creat a positive culture for learning where all students feel safe, supported and have opportunities that will prepare them for the future. We believe that TEAM BCMS needs all adults & students in the school community (teachers, administrators, counselors, staff, bus drivers, parents, & members of the community who interact with the school) working together in order for us to be successful. Our goal is to continue to provide an environment that focuses on providing a positive framework for learning.  Please feel free to contact me or any member of our staff with any questions or concerns you may have. Let's make it a great school year Bulldogs!