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Hybrid In Person Instruction for Term 4 Begins on Tuesday, April 13th for families who selected Hybrid Instruction. Those families have been contacted by their grade level school counselor. 

Students assigned to Cohort A- HYBRID will come to school on Mondays and Tuesdays. 

Students assigned to Cohort B- HYBRID will come to school on Thursdays and Fridays.  

Please see the following important information regarding arrival and dismissal.  

Link to Drop Off/Pick Up diagram


Cars are asked to form a SINGLE lane pulling around to the cafeteria entrance.  All students should only be dropped off CURBSIDE by the cafeteria and walk to their designated entrance.

6th grade & Pyramid- Front Door entrance

7th grade- 7th grade Hallway entrance closer to the church

8th grade- Cafeteria entrance



The lane in front of the school is for EARLY pick up ONLY.  Cars should not park in this lane!  All cars must be out of this area by 12:40.


All students exit the school doors closest to their classroom at 1:00.  Teachers will escort students out of the school building.

Students will be using the blacktop area for lunch recess.  Cars should not come early for curbside pickup, as there will be no parking available.

Cars for regular pick up time are asked to form a SINGLE lane pulling around to the cafeteria entrance.  The cars will need to wait in a single file lane until the buses are dismissed.

At that time, all cars will REMAIN in a single file lane to pick students up CURBSIDE.  

Hybrid Information Presentation- Video

Hybrid Presentation- Slide Show

 If you have any additional questions, please reach out to your school counselor:

6th Grade- Rebecca Reese  rebecca.reese@fcps.org

7th Grade- David Ledyard  david.ledyard@fcps.org

8th- Johnny Webber  johnny.webber@fcps.org

New HYBRID Schedule beginning January 28th until the end of the school year

We will begin with a "Silver" Week

6th Grade Schedule

7th Grade Schedule

8th Grade Schedule

If you have any Technology needs, please complete the form found in the Handbook (link below) under Contact Information and someone will get back to you!! 


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Absence information

Please remember to alert the front office (BCMS.Attendance@fcps.org) if your child is sick and to send a letter when the child returns


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Families needing a sign language interpreter should contact Mrs. Gee at 240-236-5710 at least 10 days prior to the event.