Shannan Zepp


Job Title: 

Community Liaison


Shannan Zepp



As a Community Liaison, I help facilitate communication between home and school.  I provide assistance in several areas such as, understanding school programs;  directing families to appropriate agencies, and encouraging families to be involved in the school programs just to mention a few.  I also work closely with the BCES staff to support a child's school success.  This may include contacting families about attendance, transporting families to school events and communicating information between home and school.  Please join us in "Building a Better Tomorrow by Creating an Environment for Success Today!" 

I have been at Ballenger Creek Elementary since January 2020.  Before that, I worked in a similar capacity, but with veterans since 2018.  I am one of six children, the only girl, and I survived smiley.  I received a basketball scholarship and eventually a soccer scholarship from Southampton College in Long Island, NY where I earned my degree in Liberal Studies.  I reside in Carroll County with my husband, three children and our German Shepherd, Sgt.