Volunteer Information

Volunteer Program
Our children are our most important resources. We share a common purpose – educating each and every student to learn how to be the best he/she can be .Many students need individualized attention and you have varied experiences that can help these children grow. We need volunteers to assist the teachers in order to allow them to provide more individualized attention to those children who may necessitate additional or different instruction.
A volunteer is an interested person who is willing to donate his/her time on a regular basis to work with the children in an instructional program at school. Volunteers can provide excellent supplementary help to the students and teachers. Volunteers may work directly with one or more children in some aspect of the instructional program, or they may work directly with the teachers, thus freeing the teacher for additional instructional activities. The volunteer does not take the place of the teacher but, rather, he/she works closely under the teacher’s guidance and supervision. The personal interest and reinforcement the volunteer provides makes it easier for the teacher to do his/her job.
Suggested qualifications for the volunteer:
- A genuine interest in children
- Time to give on a regular basis
- An attitude of warmth and friendliness
- An ability to work within the school system
- An acceptance of individual differences in children.
- The ability to maintain confidentiality regarding student information
For safety and liability reasons, volunteers are not permitted to bring siblings to school during volunteer work times
(including school parties), while chaperoning students on field trips, etc.
For further information on the volunteer program or to sign up to work at school, please contact your child’s teacher or call our Community Liaison at 240-236-2508.

Volunteer PowerPoint - Please watch for more information.

Regulation 400-86, Volunteers in Schools -- Please watch for information from FCPS for volunteers.

Volunteer Confidentiality Agreement - Please complete and return to the office.