Students are expected to conduct themselves as independent and responsible citizens while they are in the library media center. Students who utilize the library as individuals and choose not to follow library media center policies during flexible access will be asked to return to their classroom and will be referred to the classroom teacher for appropriate consequences. During scheduled classes, students are expected to maintain behavior appropriate to the planned activities.
Because the media center is filled with a variety of information which can be accessed in many different ways and because there are so many different kinds of activities being conducted in the media center students are expected to:
·        Demonstrate respect for self and others
·        Use quiet voices in the media center
·        Demonstrate responsibility when using materials in the media center
·        Be prepared to pay attention and follow directions
Student Circulation
Students in grades PreK - K will check out one book at a time.
Students in grades 1-5 can check out two books at a time.
The media center is open every weekday morning from 8:30 - 9:00 for students to come and exchange books.
Students may also have an additional book or books checked out for scheduled research or projects.
Books for students will be checked out for a period of one week. 
Students may renew books up to three (3) times. A student must bring the book to the media center to be able to renew it. Because of high demand drawing, craft and comic books may not be renewed. Books that are on hold may not be available to be renewed.
Students may check books out in their name only. They may not check books out for other students or have other students check books out for them.
Students may be sent to the media center with a note to check books out for a staff member. Please include your library number on the note.
Lost/Damaged Books
We do not charge fines for overdue books.
Lost and books that are damaged beyond repair are charged at the replacement cost.
Please do not try to repair damaged books. Please make the library staff aware of the damage and we will repair it if at all possible.