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Helen Priolo


2nd Grade
Dear Families,
        I am very excited about this school year and especially about being here at Ballenger Creek Elementary. The Ballenger Creek Community has such talented and dedicated teachers and staff and a wonderfully supportive parent community that I consider it a privilege to be involved in educating children here. At Ballenger Creek we are “Building a Better Tomorrow by Creating an Environment for Success Today”. 
         I am truly looking forward to this year with you and your child. My goals for this year include getting to know each child’s learning style, instructing each child and encouraging him/her to reach his/her potential using a variety of hands-on teaching methods and of course, developing a “love for learning” within each. I will trust your child enough to give him/her the time and tools to think for themselves, to pose and solve problems, and to make informed decisions about their own learning. I believe that children should feel successful, and I will work with them to reach this goal. 
         I want your child to enjoy coming to school each and every day. I want to make your child’s classroom environment a pleasant one, filled with rich experiences, challenging projects, loads of achievements and lasting friendships. We are a classroom community of active readers, writers, mathematicians, critical thinkers, problem solvers, and lifelong learners.
         In order to accomplish this task, I feel that it is particularly important to develop and maintain a year of classroom involvement with you. You will be the first to know whether your child is enjoying school, whether your child needs special attention in a specific subject area or whether your child’s relationship with a friend is affecting his/her academic development. My commitment to your child is genuine and our interaction is essential to your child’s education both academically and behaviorally.
         This will be an amazing year of growth for students in all areas. This growth is best supported when teachers, parents, families, and students are all working together. Thank you for your cooperation and for your involvement. I look forward to getting to know you and working together in the best interest of your child. If you have any questions throughout the year, please contact me by note, write in your child’s agenda, send me an e-mail, or at the phone number below.
Helen Priolo