Enrollment Form for Elementary Band and Orchestra - Spring

Dear Parents:
Recently your school’s instrumental music teachers presented a program to demonstrate the instruments that your child
will have an opportunity to learn to play in the coming school year.
Classes will be offered during the school day to all interested fourth and fifth grade FCPS students. Students will usually
receive one forty-minute class each week. We encourage our FCPS students to take instrumental music for the joy of the
experience as well as the development and use of higher level thinking skills. Research has shown that children who take
instrumental lessons are better able to understand math concepts and achieve higher scores on SAT tests than their equally
able peers who take no lessons.
Students and parents should consider the following before deciding to play an instrument:

  • Students should select the instrument they most want to play.
  • Every student must practice on a regular basis to be successful.
  • Parents must take an active role in encouraging and monitoring regular practice.
  • Parents are responsible for obtaining an instrument and any materials needed.
  • No child will be penalized for missing regular classroom time while in band, but students are
    responsible for making up any work missed while in instrumental music classes.

After your child has returned the enrollment form below, you will be receiving written instructions from the
instrumental music teachers telling you what instrument, books, and accessories you will need. Because we are involved
in the performance of the recruiting show, this information will take a few weeks to be processed. Final scheduling will
not be done until the beginning of the school year.