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Using Websites 

Start with the links on the top even if there is a site specific to your topic.

Remember that all websites (even the recommended ones) must be evaluated for reliability. Evaluations are on back on note taking sheets.

Wikipedia is not an accepted research source. It works as a search engine though. Look at the External Links at the bottom.

Pages you used from the web site must be printed. If you find a site at home but can't print it, send a hyperlink to and I will print it for you.

Middle East

A handy dictionary for when you come across new words:
New World Encyclopedia: This site works like Wikipedia (in fact, its editors contribute its origins to Wikipedia), but unlike Wikipedia it has been edited by professionals.
The BBC is the British version of the History Channel and Discovery Channel rolled into one: has short biographies of many of our people:
The British Museum has outstanding research:
The Discovery Channel has done research programs on many of our topics:
Factmonster tends to be a bit young but it can have handy facts:
The History Channel has done research programs on many of our topics:
National Geographic has done research on many of our topics: