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Word study will be given weekly in class and typically follow the same schedule each week (exceptions will be noted in class due to school breaks, vacations, snow days, etc...). On Monday students will preview a given word part, review their word study list for the week, rate their knowledge of the words, and will be assigned their word study HW. Word Study HW will be due and graded on Wednesday. On Wednesday we will also review word study and answer questions about the words. On Friday students will be quizzed on the words. Throughout the week students may also receive additional review and enrichment activities to supplement our word study. It is important that students are prepared by completing their HW, studying their words nightly, and bringing their materials to class daily. After every two units of study, we will typically review our previous word study which may include a test, project, or other review activity. Make sure to keep your past word study HW in your Language Arts folder! 

Some Tips for Word Study: 

- Students should use a dictionary or online resources to locate the definitions of their words (or use a combination of sources). In doing so, students should be able to locate all of their words. However, if a student is having trouble, they should see me prior to their HW due date or as a last option (after using all sources) students should write a definition for their word by using their knowledge of the word part, the given sentence, etc... Students should not turn in incomplete HW.

- Students should use the following online resources as needed:,,,, or

- When locating a challenge word for the week (if part of the student's HW), students should make sure the word they are using relates to the word part we are studying in class.

- Students are responsible for

keeping and saving their weekly word study HW in their Language Arts folder. We will use word study again for unit tests, writing, etc...

- Students are responsible for recording their word study words on their word walls. Students should also remember to "re-rate" their words on Fridays before their quiz. We will go over these procedures in class.


Word Walls

Additionally, students will be responsible for completing and keeping their "personal word walls", which encourages students to locate new words, record their weekly word study words and other vocabulary from texts we study in class, and add new or interesting words from their independent reading or studies in other classes. Students must keep their word walls in their Language Arts folder all year! When students need a new sheet they may take one from the classroom or click on the link below. We will use word walls to monitor our word study/vocabulary progress throughout the year, learn new and interesting words, learn how to use words correctly in context, and apply our knowledge to help strengthen our ECRs and other writing in class.

Student Personal Word Wall Sheet