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Newbery Projects (7th Grade)

7th Grade Newbery Challenge

All 7th Grade students will participate in the Newbery Book Challenge. Students will read Newbery award winning novels and complete a project based on their reading. Information will be given out in class regarding this project.

Due Dates
*      Friday October 7th
*      Thursday December 8th
*      Friday February 17th   
*      Friday March 23rd- Literacy Fair Project Due based on one of this year’s Black-Eyed Susan nominees
*      Friday May 18th

More information was presented to students in the Media Center during the second week of school.

Students should be reading Newbery novels that are appropriate for their grade level and reading level.


(use as a guide, your Newbery novel need not be your exact lexile score if the content, themes, etc... are appropriate for your grade/reading level)

Advanced: 1101 and above

Check out this site to learn more:

For the Newbery Challenge:

- Honors students will read 4 Newbery novels and complete a blog post on each
- Honors students will also read one of this year's Black-Eyed Susan nominees and complete a Lit. Fair Project (information will be given in class at a later date)

A few documents to get you started (these will be explained in class):

- 7th Honors Parent Letter and Due Dates

- 7th Honors Newbery Project Choices

- 7th Honors Blogging Directions

- Black-Eyed Susan Nominee List (Remember, you will need to read one of the 2011-2012 nominees!)

Our Class Blog Site (this is where you will post your response after reading each of the 4 required Newbery Novels)

You may log in here:

User Name: firstinitiallastname (ex. Susie Smith would be ssmith)

Password: Student ID Number