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Welcome to Tuscarora Elementary School

• Important Transportation Information

It is very important that your child’s teacher knows how your child is going home.  There are several options.  This is especially important for Kindergarten and new students to Tuscarora Elementary (TuES). 
In the morning, all walkers and car riders will enter through the center doorway. 
Walker – There are crossing guards at Tennison (by the pool) and Lambert & Sutherland – Please signify Green or Red Door Walker                                                         
Green Door Walkers – Students will exit onto the blacktop area of the playground. 
Red Door Walkers – Students will exit at TuES main entrance by the flagpole.
Car Rider – Students are picked up at TuES center doorway.  Pull your car up to the front of the line.  Please move quickly as cars will line up onto the street.  A staff member will call your child as you arrive.  You will receive a yellow card to place in your windshield with your child’s last name.  Students are responsible for getting themselves in and out of cars.
Bus Riders – Please be aware that buses may run late the first week of school.  Kindergarten students must have an adult meet them at the bus or they will be returned to TuES.  Be sure that your contact information is correct and that you have an emergency contact in case you can’t be reached.
Changes to Your Child’s Transportation – Any day you wish to change your child’s regular transportation home, please send a note to your child’s teacher.  Do not send an email or leave a message once the day begins.  Teachers may not have the opportunity to get the message.  Call the office by 2:30 for any last minute changes.

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Dates to Remember

6/1 – PTA Meeting 6 pm

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  Tuscarora Elementary School at night
Photo by Gregg Petermann