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Teacher Department 6 - HW Date Posted 6 - Homework - Assignment
Angleberger, Diane Mathematics 1/23/2015

Sections 2 & 5 -  None

Section 4 - None

Sections 6 & 7 - None

Chiantella, Carolyn Social Studies 1/20/15 - 1/23/15

This week we continue the study of-  Ancient India by exploring Hinduism and Buddhism.

1. Vocabulary flashcards for Hinduism -- Due Wednesday.
2. All students received a handout with a wedge shape and instructions about the Mandala Project. 
 If the student was in class Wednesday, they have enough information to complete their wedge of the circle.
 Snow or no snow - Final work is due  Due Friday
3. If we are in school Thursday,  there will be a quiz on Hinduism Friday.

Remember Panther Power is available for tutoring time after school Tuesdays!

Entwistle Jeffrey PE 1/27/15

Starting 3rd term, my 6th grade classes will be in PE again.  Please remember to bring your PE clothes.  Also bring stuff for outside on colder days.

Fink, Stephanie
Language Arts
Social Studies

All classes- Robot Comic Strip due tomorrow (Wednesday, June 4)

Garst, Tina

Red: (Period 2): No homework

**The homework can be texted to you.  Please text @5f653 to 424-543-7440.

Blue: (Period 4): No homework

**The homework can be texted to you.  Please text @2cfea to 424-543-7440.

Green: (Period 7): No homework

**The homework can be texted to you.  Please text @3979b to 424-543-7440

Gordon, Melissa Language Arts 01-20-15

Read for at least 20 minutes each night.

No Word Wizard for this week.

Johnson Julcia Science 1/8/15

Quiz on air masses and fronts Wed./Thursday
Test on water cycle, clouds, air masses, and fronts next Wednesday

Lambert, Gerty
Integrated Studies
Life Skills

Lab 21 -  no homework
World Langaages - no homework                                                                                                                                                                  

Mize, Susan Science 1/16/2015

Period 5: Complete Weather Forecasting for Saturday, Sunday, and Monday. 

Quealy, Mary Social Studies 1/21/15 - 1/27/15
#1 - 14 of Review Sheet due Tuesday, 1/27.

Quiz on Chapter 15 Thursday, 1/28.  There are many difficult vocabulary words so please don't wait until the last minute.


Riley, David Technology Education 9/18 /14 - 9/23/14

Simple Machine Test

Stecyk Rachael Language Arts 12/16/14
Red and Green Classes: Word Wizard Bas/Ses due Thursday, January 22.  Quiz on Friday, January 23.  Quizlet link:

Blue Class: Word Wizard List 10 due Thursday, January 22.  Quiz on Friday, January 23.  Quizlet link:

Weaver, Jodi Mathematics 1/21-23

Please turn in any missing work by Friday..

Yost, Vanessa Life Skills 1/16/2015

Students should have brought home "Final Project - Comparison Lab - Part 1" on Friday, Jan. 16th.  The first four boxes should be filled in and in class on Tuesday, January 20, 2015.

The Home Recipe Project was due on Monday, January 12th.  There are still a few students who haven't turned it in - since this project is worth 3 different grades, students should still try and get this assignment in.

Late work and any resubmitting of classwork should be turned in by Tues- 1/20/15 (1st period) and Thursday - 1/22/15 (7th period).