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Teacher Department 6 - HW Date Posted 6 - Homework - Assignment
Angleberger, Diane Mathematics 5/15/2014

Sections 1 & 4 -   D-61
Sections 2, 3, 5 - Study for Test

Chiantella, Carolyn Social Studies 5/29 Through 6/9

We are almost there!!!!              The 6th graders are near to being 7th grade ready!
All we need to do is finish the study of Ancient Rome and prepare for the final CRES on 6/9.
To accomplish that:
China study guide - Due Fri. 5/30
Greece study guide- Due Tue 6/3
We will continue to study Rome in class and work on those CRES study guide questions here.
We will finish that by the end of Thurs. 6/5.

There is an Extra Credit Project that can be turned in anytime before 6/10.  
Student may choose to make a timeline and fill it in with the information listed on the handout.
I have copies of the Extra Credit Handout in my room. If fully and correctly completed, the student 
will earn 10 points to the Homework category.

It has been my privilidge spending this school year with your child watching them learn and grow!


Fink, Stephanie
Language Arts
Social Studies

All classes- Robot Comic Strip due tomorrow (Wednesday, June 4)

Garst, Tina

Yellow (Math Period 4): Page 181 worksheet (2c - Reflect! 3b)
Quiz on Thursday, June 5

**The homework can be texted to you.  Please text @garstper4 to 424-543-7440.

Green (Science Period 5): Study for Test on Wednesday, June 4.

**The homework can be texted to you.  Please text @garstper5 to 424-543-7440.

Red (Math Period 7): Measures of Central Tendency problems in notes and 1 box plot problem in notes

**The homework can be texted to you.  Please text @garst per7 to 424-543-7440

Johnson Julcia Science 6/2/14

Quiz Tuesday 6/3/14 on nervous system.
Study given out in class today (6/2/14)
To review please visit:
Brain Pop: nervous system

Mize, Susan Science 5/22/2014

Study for Skeletal System quiz being given tomorrow.

Period 7: Complete Robotic Arm reflection sheet. 

Quealy, Mary Social Studies 5/30/2014 - 6/01/2014

CRES Study guide:  Greece portion due Monday, 6/2.  Rome portion we will do in class together.

CRES test is on Monday, June 9th.

If you'd like to complete the "optional" project it is due on June 11th, the last day of school.   If your test average is low, this would be a great way to boost that grade.  We only have one more test this year, and that is our CRES D test which covers China, Greece and Rome.


Stecyk Rachael Language Arts 6/2/14

There will be no new homework, but please make sure all assignments are completed.  Any incomplete classwork may be sent home to be finished.

Weaver, Jodi Mathematics 6/9/14

Blue/Green: No written homework   Classes have a quiz on Tuesday 6/10.  They have been preparing in class.

Webster, Bethany Science 6/5- 6/6/14

Finish the Hey Balloon Breath conclusion questions.

Zimmerman, Sandy Technology Education May 27-30, 2014

Tech Expo: -
October Sky worksheet due by Thursday, May 29th

Our Class Website: