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Teacher Department 6 - HW Date Posted 6 - Homework - Assignment
Angleberger, Diane Mathematics 11/24/2014

Sections 2 & 5 - None

Section 4 - None

Sections 6 & 7 - None

Chiantella, Carolyn Social Studies 11/17 - 11/21

 The study of Egypt, Kush and Canaan Map work was reviewed this week
There will be a Quiz Friday on Ch 7 - Map work
and Ch 8 - Four Pharaohs and four monuments. As well as...
Old Kingdom/MiddleKingdon/New Kingdom -What each was known for.

Remember Panther Power is available for tutoring time after school Tuesdays!

Fink, Stephanie
Language Arts
Social Studies

All classes- Robot Comic Strip due tomorrow (Wednesday, June 4)

Garst, Tina

Red: (Period 2): No homework

**The homework can be texted to you.  Please text @5f653 to 424-543-7440.

Blue: (Period 4): 6.ns.b.3 (addition and subtraction) Quiz corrections & 6.ns.b.3 (multiplication and division) Quiz corrections due by Tuesday, December 2

**The homework can be texted to you.  Please text @2cfea to 424-543-7440.

Green (Period 6 & 7): Dividing Decimals Word Problems worksheet (Show decimal placement for 1-9, solve 2 & 3)
Multiplying and Dividing decimals quiz tomorrow, November 25
6.ns.b.3 (addition and subtraction) Quiz corrections due by Tuesday, December 2

**The homework can be texted to you.  Please text @3979b to 424-543-7440

Gordon, Melissa Language Arts 11-17-14


We will completing Word Wizards which reflect vocabulary we will see in reading the Dickens' novel, A Christmas Carol. Students need to complete a portion of it each nignt, and read 6-7 pages of the novel each night as well. I am using a Post-it-Note system where students should be listing any questions they have on the note. We will discuss the pages read each day and their vocabulary quiz on Friday will contain questions about the Stave we read as well. This is what we will be doing until December 19th when we go to see the play.

This week is Stave I.

Johnson Julcia Science 11/14/14

CRES test: 
Period 1 and 6 on Wednesday
Period 2 and 7 on Thursday

Lambert, Gerty
Integrated Studies
Life Skills
October 10, 2014

Lab 21 -  google classroom due 10/16/2014
World Langaages - google classroom  due 10/16/2014                                                                                                                                                                   

Mize, Susan Science 11/12/2014

Bring in a bottle of tap water to test.  Due Friday. 

Quealy, Mary Social Studies 11/19/14 - 12/02/14

Quiz December 3rd.  Study the Chapter 7 and 8 Chapter Assessments and the vocabulary for both chapters.



Riley, David Technology Education 9/18 /14 - 9/23/14

Simple Machine Test

Stecyk Rachael Language Arts 11/21/14

Red and Green Classes: Word Wizard quiz on Monday, November 24 (Red) or Tuesday, November 25 (Green).  Quizlet study link:

Blue Class: Word Wizard for Stave 1 quiz on Tuesday, November 25.

Weaver, Jodi Mathematics 11/19-25/14

Bring in tap water sample.  Please have those here before Thanksgiving break.

Yost, Vanessa Life Skills 11/21/2014

No homework at this time.