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Teacher Department 6 - HW Date Posted 6 - Homework - Assignment
Angleberger, Diane Mathematics 10/30/2014

Sections 2 & 5 - Fraction Review Sheet; C-61 (A - I) 

Section 4 - Law of Exponents Quiz 

Sections 6 & 7 - Search & Shade 36/3; E-32/E-33

Chiantella, Carolyn Social Studies 10/27 through 10/31

Sorry I was unable to post on Homework Hotline last week due to technical problems.
Last week students studied and were quizzed on the seven characteristics of civilization found in ancient Sumer.Chapter 5

This week we are working on the accomplishments of four Sumerian Empires. Chapter 6
This is the end of the Early Human's Unit and Friday is the end of Term 1!
Students started to fill in  a study guide for the Unit Test in class Monday.   #  1-21 are due Tuesday #  22-37 Wednesday
Wednesday is Chapter 6 quiz.
Thursday is an enrichment day because many students will be at out door school for Science.
Friday will be a short day, two hour early dismissal.  All students will take the multiple choice part of the unit test on Friday.

Remember Panther Power is available for tutoring time after school Tuesdays!

Fink, Stephanie
Language Arts
Social Studies

All classes- Robot Comic Strip due tomorrow (Wednesday, June 4)

Garst, Tina

Red: (Period 2): Page 76, 79 - 81 due Friday, Oct. 31

**The homework can be texted to you.  Please text @5f653 to 424-543-7440.

Blue: (Period 4): Page 114 (5 - 8)

**The homework can be texted to you.  Please text @2cfea to 424-543-7440.

Green (Period 6 & 7): Unit 1 Assessment on Friday, October 31

**The homework can be texted to you.  Please text @3979b to 424-543-7440

Gordon, Melissa Language Arts 10-27-14


Monday: Complete the drawings and make your flashcards
Tuesday: Complete the first 4 columns for the last TWO word parts and study using your flashcards.
Wednesday: Complete the first 4 columns for the last TWO word parts and study using your flashcards.

Thursday: Write sentences for your new words and word parts. Study using your flashcards. Quiz tomorrow!
***Outdoor School students need to complete the Word Wizard work. Even if you are out of school on Thursday, the work is due and you will tale the quiz on Friday. 

Johnson Julcia Science 10/24/14

Outodoor School Dates: November 6-7th
Please turn in permission slips.

Lambert, Gerty
Integrated Studies
Life Skills
October 10, 2014

Lab 21 -  google classroom due 10/16/2014
World Langaages - google classroom  due 10/16/2014                                                                                                                                                                   

Mize, Susan Science 10/23/2014

Get Outdoor School permission slip signed if you have not done so already.  Due Oct. 27. 

Quealy, Mary Social Studies 10/30/14 - 11/10/14

Optional Gilgamesh Quiz on Friday, October 31st.

Due to Outdoor School, no quiz the week of 11/3.

Map Quiz on Tuesday, 11/11.


$7.00 to purchase a History Alive Interactive Notebook is due asap.  If you are experiencing financial  hardship, please send a note stating that and your child will be provided a notebook free of charge.  


Riley, David Technology Education 9/18 /14 - 9/23/14

Simple Machine Test

Stecyk Rachael Language Arts 10/27/14

Red and Green Classes: Word Wizard homework due Wednesday, October 29.  Quiz on Friday, October 31.  Quizlet study link:

Blue Class: Word Wizard study guide due Wednesday, October 29.  Quiz on Friday, October 31.  Quizlet study link:

Weaver, Jodi Mathematics 10/28-11/5/14

Tuesday 10/28- None

Wednesday 10/29- None-  Get things ready at home for outdoor school.  Dress appropriately for the weather.  Wear old shoes and bring an extra pair of socks.  Don't forget lunch and water.  You may bring a string bag to carry your things.  You will need a pencil.

Thursday 10/30- None

Friday 10/31-None

Our next outdoor school trip will be Wednesday 11/5 when students return from their 4 day break.  Please see above for preparation of Outdoor School.

Yost, Vanessa Life Skills 10/28/2014

Reminders:  Students who still want to bring empty food containers/boxes can still do so.

Food System Quiz - resubmits are due by Friday, October 31st. 
      If students are not sure what to do - they must write the correct answer to the quiz questions they missed
             and then write a sentence explaining why this new answer is correct.