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Teacher Department 6 - HW Date Posted 6 - Homework - Assignment
Angleberger, Diane Mathematics 9/18/2014

Sections 2 & 5 - WS #42 (Long Division)

Section 4 - Worksheet AA-37

Sections 6 & 7 - Study for Quiz

Chiantella, Carolyn Social Studies 9/15/2014 - 9/19/2014

The Study of Early Humans and The Rise of Civilization Chapter 1 was started 
Monday by locating a cave painting, labeling what we discovered and hypothesising about why it was there. 
Next Monday we will repeat the process as we continue our cave exploration. 
Tuesday, 9/17,we will find and record all of the important vocabulary for Chapter 1 and 3.  Students will be quizzed on that next weeK.
Beause Wednesday is Constitution Day, we will depart the caves and
have a two day lesson about Primary and Secondary Documents, and how to answer Document Based Questions. (DBQ)
Friday there is no school so students can attend The Great Frederick Fairl

Remember Panther Power is available for tutoring time after school Tuesdays!



Fink, Stephanie
Language Arts
Social Studies

All classes- Robot Comic Strip due tomorrow (Wednesday, June 4)

Garst, Tina

Red: (Period 2): No homework.

**The homework can be texted to you.  Please text @5f653 to 424-543-7440.

Blue: (Period 4): Study for the Quiz on Wednesday, September 24. BYOD, if you have one.

**The homework can be texted to you.  Please text @2cfea to 424-543-7440.

Green (Period 6 & 7): Study for the Quiz on Wednesday, September 24.  BYOD, if you have one.

**The homework can be texted to you.  Please text @3979b to 424-543-7440

Gordon, Melissa Language Arts 9-15-14

Monday: Complete the drawings and do the first 4 columns for 2 word parts. Make your flashcards
Tuesday: Complete the first 4 columns for the last TWO word parts and study using your flashcards.
Wednesday: Write sentences for your new words and word parts. Study using your flashcards. Quiz tomorrow!
Thursday: Our quiz for WW#3 will be today since we do not have school tomorrow.

Johnson Julcia Science 9/11/14
Water molecule projects are due Thursday 9/18/14.
Project description and rubric and was sent home 9/11/14


Lambert, Gerty
Integrated Studies
Life Skills
September 3, 2014

Lab 21 -  no homework
World Langaages - no homework                                                                                                                                                                      

Mize, Susan Science 9/17/2014

All classes:  Water molecule project due tomorrow.
Period 7: Properties of Water review and reinforce is due on Monday.

Quealy, Mary Social Studies 9/11/14 - 9/14/14
Quiz Wednesday, 9/24 on Chapter 1.  Study seven Chapter 1 vocabulary words and the Chapter 1 Assessment.  The Ch. 1 Assessment will be completed by Thursday, 9/18.

$7.00 to purchase a History Alive Interactive Notebook is due asap.  If you are experiencing financial  hardship, please send a note stating that and your child will be provided a notebook free of charge.  


Riley, David Technology Education 9/18 /14 - 9/23/14

Simple Machine Test

Stecyk Rachael Language Arts 9/16/14

Red/Green Class: Homework due Wednesday, Sept 17.  Quiz on Thursday, Sept 18.  Quizlet Link:

Class: Homework due Wednesday, Sept 17.  Quiz on Thursday, Sept. 18.  Quizlet Link:

Useful links for word study:

Weaver, Jodi Mathematics 9/16-17/14

Work on water molecule project.

Water molecule project is due Thursday September 18th.  This project counts as a test grade.  This is 50% of your grade

Yost, Vanessa Life Skills 09/18/2014

Don't forget to bring in an empty food container.
All containers should be in by Wednesday, September 24,2014.