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Architectural Engineering Design I

Course Description

Architectural Engineering Design will teach students specific skills in the organization of architectural drawings, lettering and symbols, and elements of house design. Students will draw floor plans, elevations, sections, architectural details, and working drawings. Students will develop a full set of residential house plans using BOTH manual drafting and Computer Aided Drafting (CAD).

Student Qualities 

To be successful in this course, students should have reasonable communication skills as they will be asked to make presentations to the class.  There will be 30 or more assignments with specific due dates so time management and the ability to stay on task will be important.

The ability to measure quickly and accurately with a ruler, to add fractions, and to do simple multiplication and division problems is critical to each student’s success.

Student Responsibilities

·         Each student will work independently on a number of research and drawing assignments.

·         Each student should strive to take time and effort to accurately complete his/her own assignments.

·         Any academic dishonesty will result in failure of the assignment and appropriate disciplinary action. (This includes copying, tracing or having another student’s drawings on your desk!)

·         Students should seek to develop and refine note-taking and record-keeping skills. These are an important aspect of this course.

·         Students will be required to use drafting equipment and instruments properly and will responsible to pay for damaged or lost equipment.

·         Students must remain on task until their assignments are completed.

·         Students may talk quietly while completing the drawings, as long as it does not disturb the rest of the class.