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Brag Page

 Brag Page

The students at NMES persevere in media to research a variety of topics and create products to showcase their new knowledge! Check out examples of their work here!

In October, kindergarten students studied fire safety in the media center. We began by reading a fiction book called The Gingerbread Man Loose on the Fire Truck.  Then, we compared it to a nonfiction ebook called Fire Safety in Action. The students did a great job of using Chromebooks independently to read the book online! Last, the students used our green screen wall to make a short movie about facts they learned about fire safety. 

5th Grade
Throughout the fall, 5th grade students have studied digital citizenship in the media center. In teams, they picked a topic to learn about and then wrote a public service announcement or commercial to teach others about their topic.  Using Google Docs and Flipgrid to communicate and provide feedback to one another, they kept enhancing their work.  Finally, they filmed their commercials on our green screen wall!  Check out their work below! NOTE: Students will need to sign in with their FCPS usernames and passwords to view the videos.

Goldstein Yammarino Shorb Ruch Rochford Woozley
Will, Michael, Reese, Kaitlin

Meg, Alyssa, Collin, Aiden

Leah, Ty, Charles, Meredith, Tess, Liam

Ambri, Ryan, Jack, Brian, Andrew, Michael

Frankie, Josh, Charlie, Nathan, Brian

Trey, Ella, Katherine, Tate

Jordan, Marley, Kelsie, Evan, Savannah

Genevieve, Mason, Drew, Meredith

Adjoa, Bryce, Holly

Mason, Sienna, Max, Katelyn

Raymond, PJ, Tucker, Max

 Luke, Shaymus, Emily, Claire, Owen

Noah, Maddox, Gracie, Maggie, Sammy

Christopher, Devyn, Will, Aubrey, Lantz

Emma, Lauren, Nick, Owen, Alexis

Justin, Nate, Brayden, Chloe, Jayleen

 Gavin, Dylan, Charlie, Amanda

Emma, Emerson, John, Nicholas

Grace, Conner, Ashley, Cody, Tykira

Siena, Maya, Austin, Kaden

Annabel, Jessica, Audrey, Brendan, Brandon

 Stephen, Aiden, Gerogia, Alyssa, Tyler

Camden, Sarah, Cara, David

Aiden, Jamison, Emma, Kaitlin

Zach, Hannah, Jaden, Abby

Kylie, Eddie, Bear, Quinn

 Mason, Paige, Kelsey, Devin

Alex, Pranathi, Nicole, Grayson, Nolan

Mia, Max, Sam, Kitty

Caroline, Kheshan, Ben, Marina

Skylar, Brandon, Chloe, Zachary

Audrey, Lillian, Molly

Meredith, Avery, Auggie, Diego