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Black-Eyed Susan Award

Read a a Black-Eyed Susan Award nominee!

What is the Black-Eyed Susan Award?  It is a kid's choice award in which students read nominated books and vote for their favorites.  After tallying the votes from students throughout the state of Maryland, one is declared a winner!  Visit the Maryland Association of School Librarians website to learn more about the award and view past winners.  Or, visit to read more about each nominated book and reviews by other students!  Be sure to choose the correct age level from the drop-down menu in the upper righthand side of the website.

At the elementary school level, we can participate in 3 categories, the picture book award, the chapter book award for grades 4-6 and the graphic novel category for grades 4-6.   Want to participate and help choose the winner?  Ask Mrs. Siderius for more info or check out our Black-Eyed Susan video to see last year's winners and a sneak peek at the nominees for 2016-2017! 

Black-Eyed Susan Nominees for 2016-2017 (Grades K-3)

Black-Eyed Susan Nominees for 2016-2017 (grades 4-6)

Black-Eyed Susan Graphic Novel Nominees for 2016-2017 (grades 4-6)