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2014-2015 Scheduling Calendar


Starting February 4, 2014 - Ending May 4, 2014 Expired

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The calendar below is a tenative 2014-2015 Monocacy Middle Scheduling Calendar.
Note: Times and dates will change due to weather.

Feb. 4-7 Meet with Elementary feeder schools to discuss incoming 6th graders
Feb. 10-14 Meet with incoming 6th graders at elementary schools (presentation: video, course guide, and middle school guide)
Feb. 20 Incoming 6th grade Parent Orientation @ 6:00 in the Monocacy Middle School Cafeteria
Feb. 19-21 Next year's 7th & 8th grade Course Registration Presentation
Feb. 21 Incoming 6th grade forms due to elementary schools
Feb. 24 7th & 8th grade forms due
May. 21 Move-Up Day (Yellow Springs, North Frederick, Lewistown)
May. 22 Move-Up Day (Monocacy, Waverley, non-feeders)
Aug. 15 MoMS Open House
Aug. 20 Back to School Night
Aug. 25 1st Day of School