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4th Grade

4th Grade
Welcome to Fourth Grade!
Below you will find our Fourth Grade schedule along with information on how homework is to be completed, and the units we will be teaching. If you ever have any questions please do not hesitate to call 240-236-1800. Thanks again and we look forward to a fabulous year!
Fourth Grade Schedule
Homeroom/Morning Work
 Independent Reading/Writing
 Specials (M, T,Th)
 Writing (W, F)
Specials (M,T,W,F)
Writing (Th)
Read Aloud/Social Studies/Science
12:40-1:55                                                    Reading  
 1:55-3:20                                                    Math  
3:20-3:30                                                    Pack Up  
3:30-4:00                                                   Dismissal
Homework is done Monday-Thursday, for no more than 45 minutes nightly (FCPS homework guidelines.) Assignments are written down in homework assignment book. Please sign the homework assignment book each night.

Word Study
All lessons are direct, explicit and systematic. Phonics is one component of a complete Language Arts program. Phonics unlocks the door to reading, it provides the decoding skills to become a fluent reader. Each student will have his/her own personal word lists for each unit, based on individual needs. The units will run for a week with the tests on Friday.

All reading activities will focus on before, during and after reading strategies. We will utilize both fiction and non-fiction text for increasing comprehension.

Students house all of their work in a Writing Folder. This collection included work in progress, writing tools and finished work. During Writer’s Workshop student compose and develop writing based on both teacher-directed tasks and personal choice tasks that inspire them. 


All children will use the scientific process to guide all experiments. 
 Units of study are:
·                                 Motion & Design
·                                 Our Place in Space & Light
·                                 Classification

Social Studies
Units of study are:
·                                 Maryland Economics
·                                 Maryland Government
·                                 Maryland Colonial Period
·                                 Maryland Revolutionary War
·                                 Maryland Civil War
·                                 Maryland Regions
·                                 Maryland Indians
·                                 Maps & Globes