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About Heather Ridge School

HEATHER RIDGE SCHOOL provides an alternative educational program for students who require a highly structured setting. The school emphasizes family involvement and uses individual and group counseling to enable students to learn the educational and behavioral objectives necessary to re-enter their local schools. Heather Ridge offers 2 programs designed to help students with behavioral problems.

The Day School Program serves regular and special education students in grades 6-10 until they become 16 years old. Students carry daily progress reports throughout the day and earn points for displaying the expected behaviors. As they earn points over time, students advance through the Behavioral Management system, consisting of six levels- until they are eligible for main streaming to their home schools. All students in the program regularly meet with a staff therapist to address behavioral issues in the academic setting.

Students who are 16 years old or older and require the services of an alternative placement participate in the Twilight Program, from 3:15- 6:15 PM, Mondays through Thursdays. Students must complete one successful semester in the Twilight Program to qualify for main streaming back to their home schools. Success includes 90% or better attendance, a C average in academic work and displaying appropriate behavior.


Mission Statement

Heather Ridge builds academic, emotional, and social foundations for success in secondary and post-secondary settings.