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Name Phone Number Job Title
Michael Concepcion 240-236-8475 Principal
Jack Newkirk 240-236-8476 Assistant Principal

Student Services / Academic Instructors

Name Phone Number Job Title
Dave Snyder 240-236-8491 Special Education/ School Support
Karin Johns 240-236-8541 English Language Learner Instructor and Coordinator
Kimberly Mentzell 240-236-8524 Network Administrator
Kristen Daly 240-236-8494 Counselor
Lera Straits 240-236-8495 English Instructor
Lorraine Marshall 240-236-8519 Math Instructor
Lynne Sclar 240-236-8515 Special Education Coordinator
Rodney Foland 240-236-8539 Instructor

Support Staff

Name Phone Number Job Title
Beth Lemen 240-236-8472 Attendance Secretary
Michele Perry 240-236-8493 Counseling Secretary
Delmira Cruz 240-236-8471 Custodial Services
Chase Stull 240-236-8471 Custodian
Stacy Colmes 240-236-8471 Custodian
Lee Banks 240-236-8537 Instructional Assistant
Deborah Parsons 240-236-8538 Instructional Assistant
Ritchie Veverka 240-236-8499 Instructional Assistant
Audra Jacob 240-236-8490 Instructional Assistant
Michael Hellenthal 240-236-8538 Instructional Assistant
Viktor Kraenbring 240-236-8498 Instructional Assistant
Emily Kline 240-236-8497 Instructional Assistant
Emily Corcoran 240-236-8500 Instructional Assistant Media Specialist
Kevin Grossnickle 240-236-8471 Lead Custodian
Karla Eshelman 240-236-8473 Secretary