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Frederick County Career & Technology Center
Celeste Harper Chapter
National Technical Honor Society (NTHS)

NTHS is an internationally recognized and proven program with over 3,000 member schools and colleges

NTHS contributes to a strong, positive school image in the local community.

NTHS membership develops self-esteem and pride.

NTHS helps schools build and maintain active partnerships with local business and industry.

NTHS helps schools attract and recruit more qualified students into workforce education programs.

NTHS encourages the involvement of parents and family in the educational process.

NTHS supports the advancement of School-to-Work and TechPrep initiatives.





CTC would like to welcome the newest members of our chapter who were inducted into the National Technical Honor Society on December 1, 2016!

Hannah Buhr BHS PM AOHP
Sydney Yablon BHS PM TV/Multimedia Production
Christopher Beard CHS PM CISCO Networking Academy
Olivia Dart CHS PM CAD Engineering
Allison Larochelle CHS PM AOHP
Michael Phelps CHS AM Automotive Technology
Hannah Meredith FHS PM AOHP
Jassbeck Ramirez FHS Intern AOHP
Andrew Daddone GTJHS PM CAD Engineering
Rebecca Dennis GTJHS PM TV/Multimedia Production
Brice Gambill GTJHS PM CAD Architecture
Nicholas Gregorio GTJHS PM TV/Multimedia Production
Joshua Klein GTJHS PM CAD Architecture
Ly Nguyen GTJHS PM CAD Engineering
Grace Parente GTJHS PM TV/Multimedia Production
Makayla Vaughns GTJHS PM Criminal Justice
Lucas Arrington LHS PM TV/Multimedia Production
Kylie Ayers LHS PM AOHP
Gabrielle Trivelli LHS AM Cosmetology
Hannah Warrenfeltz LHS PM Biomedical Science
Sarah Abouassali MHS PM Biomedical Science
Charlotte Anderson MHS PM AOHP
Holly Ballentine MHS PM Biomedical Science
Brooklyn Poff MHS PM CAD Architecture
Marleigh Beck OHS PM Biomedical Science
Kendra Budzenski OHS PM TV/Multimedia Production
Rani Jones OHS PM Biomedical Science
Alexander Repass OHS PM CAD Architecture
Tyler Tormo OHS AM Computer Technician Analyst
Jennifer Argueta THS AM AOHP
Kara Flanagan THS PM AOHP
Tanya Sharma THS PM AOHP
Selena Srirattanapirom THS PM Biomedical Science
Heather Winkler THS AM Cosmetology
John Dougherty UHS AM TV/Multimedia Production
Brandon Payne UHS AM TV/Multimedia Production
Marissa Punturiero UHS PM AOHP
Robert Wilson UHS PM CAD Engineering
Deborah Afolabi WHS PM Digital Design and Printing Methods
Keiry Cedillos WHS AM AOHP
Nina Crosby Walton WHS PM CAD Architecture
Davis Kelley WHS AM Biomedical Science
Emilia Lawler WHS AM Biomedical Science
Catherine Oakley WHS AM AOHP
Jayla Pollock WHS PM TV/Multimedia Production
Mariela Pozo WHS PM AOHP