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Welcome to The Career and Technology Center

What Are We Doing?
Congratulations to the following
CTC SkillsUSA MD State Medalists
Gold Medal
·         Nicholas Rakowski
·         Amanda Ponce
·         Sophia Eureka
·         Ben Wetzel
·         Eric Myers
·         Maria Olney
·         Erin Hessong
·         Cearrah Sherman
·         Morgan Harding
·         Alondra Herrera
·         Alex Kravchenko
·         Kyle Lokey
·         Louis Bell
·         Spiro Millios
·         Ben Olson
Silver Medal
·         Kayla Grimes
·         Michael Clise
·         Blair Plombon
·         Tyler Patterson
·         Ben Schuch
·         Sam Swanson
·         Ashley McAfee
·         Tram Nguyen
·         Esther Shafer
·         Nathan Eschbach
·         Zack Lazo
·         Deanna Kinzie
Bronze Medal
·         Garrett Walker
·         Austin Main
·         Princess Santos
·         Chad Cooper
·         Randi Dollar
·         Logan Barrick
·         Bryan Morrison
·         Casey Alvarado
·         Krystal Knott
·         Ryan Kinzie
·         Steven Gosnell

Click HERE to see the FCPS press release on our winners

The following is a list of CTC programs and their status regarding application opportunities for next year!



Most CTC programs offer college credits and/or industry based certifications/Licenses. Visit our school located next to the FCC campus on Opossumtown Pike.
For additional information, e-mail our counselor or call (240) 236-8493 today!