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Science Fiction Independent Book Project (Honors)
Title: __________________________
Science topic:___________________
Book Check 1: ___________
Book Check 2: __________
Book Check 3: January 4
Research begins: January 4- Dates to be announced in class
Book Check 4:
Finish reading book: January 14
Directions: Select a science fiction novel appropriate for your reading level. While reading the book, you will summarize each chapter and identify science fiction elements (use your Note Taking Record Sheet).
Once you’ve completed your novel, pick one science fiction element you would like to research.
Option 1
1. Research the science fiction element you’ve selected from your novel
2. Analyze whether the science fiction element used in your novel is accurate
3. Re-write the rising action or climax of your book using what we know to be true science. Infer how this will change the book.
Option 2
1.       Create your own short science fiction story as a prequel or sequel to the book you read based on the science you researched. How does your pre-quel/sequel that was written using real science differ from the science-fiction novel? What changes do you notice?
2.       Your prequel/sequel should have the same characters, setting, and should reflect the plot of your novel.